La mujer en el campo

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The use of social networks has increased exorbitantly during this long year 2020. One of the causes of this situation is the free time that many people have to watch the news, play games, publish on social networks, take advantage of certain talents or even, in the case of many women, use sensuality to attract attention in these spaces.

This is the story of a 29-year-old model who took advantage of the pandemic situation to visit her parents in the countryside. Although he doesn’t like the natural environment very much, his silhouette is completely authentic, the result of years of training and good nutrition.

This woman was in charge of a modeling academy. In this sense, the activity had moved to a purely virtual plan where she had to take advantage of certain elements to make her business as dynamic as possible. Of course, the academy’s Instagram profile had some creative and innovative content to bring to the company, while the model’s personal profile was much more striking, since almost all of its content was based on sexy photos and provocative videos, even in very suggestive costumes.

One day, Lucrecia, the protagonist of this story, decided to go out and take a few photos while enjoying the inspiring spaces around her. In fact, when she started posing to capture this new content, what really inspired her was herself, a woman with a remarkable silhouette and a look that could catch anyone’s attention. In fact, the model also had a private platform where she offered exclusive content to her clients, those who were willing to pay to enjoy her charms.

Much to her surprise and by mistake, one of these offbeat photos had been shared in her public Instagram profile… which she didn’t immediately notice until she received a notification that had completely baffled her. Her account had been permanently suspended for violating the social network’s policies.

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